Why Call?

The woman behind this hotline is the beautiful Lady Isabella. This is her pet project, her business, a place where submissives can call, day and night, while she is out living the Goddess lifestyle that one would expect of a woman of her pedigree. Be comforted in the knowledge that with every call you make, the profit is going to Lady Isabella, and that detail and quality is assured in every call to whichever of the deviant darlings that you speak with.

Want to know more about Lady Isabella herself? Read on…

About Lady Isabella

Lady Isabella is the aristocratic bitch that you have always dreamt of serving. A lady that demands the utmost respect, and behaves impeccably in polite society; but this is far from polite society…


You will never be permitted to graced by her beauty, for her high standing amongst her peers must always remain in tact. This is her secret. This is her playground, and you are her toys.

Lady Isabella is on the cusp of becoming the woman that her ancestry demands, and as such her deviant desires must always remain hidden. Her world is filled with those whose secrets must never be exposed, and so you can be assured that discretion is not a request, it is a requirement.

Her interests range from shopping to reading, humiliation to sadism, and enjoying weekends away in the country. She craves the feeling of power that can only be felt when a submissive is on his knees, (sometimes with his wallet in his mouth) and eyes full of desire.

Her voice is often described as soft and hypnotic, but rest assured, she is far from harmless.

Already falling for her? She has plans to add a direct dial number for her own personal use in due course, but in the mean time you are encouraged to call her wonderful women on the lines here. So speak with one of the beauties, dial 1-888-428-4043.